In OneDesk, you don’t need to care about how a customer is getting your message, OneDesk takes care of that for you. Whether your customer is using the customer apps, email, or live chat, your messages get delivered to them with any attachments, images, or links included.

When a customer emails you, you can start a conversation on the ticket their email created, allowing you to communicate and update them about their ticket progress. This is called a ‘customer reply’. You can hold internal conversations with your team as well, which are not seen by your customers.

When a customer begins a live chat with you, you can easily create a ticket from the conversation with one click.

As you continue the chat live, if they don’t see your message within 1 minute, it is sent out to them by email so you never lose touch with your customers.

You can also initiate conversations by clicking ‘Add’ and ‘Conversation with Customer’. Then you can add the customers you want to communicate with and begin a conversation with them.

OneDesk also helps you to communicate with a customer organization in different ways. In conversations, you can add a customer organization and communicate with all members to update them on important information. In workflow automations, you can automate the sending of emails to customers or customer organizations. In the customer apps, you can allow everyone in a customer organization to view ticket requests sent in by others in their organization.

Whether it’s with a single customer or a customer organization, OneDesk optimizes the way you communicate with your customers.