OneDesk lets you communicate with your users and teams in multiple ways to keep them updated about important information. Allow your team to stay connected while they’re on the go with the OneDesk mobile app, which sends push notifications on the mobile app to inform your team members about new assignments, conversations, and more.

Every user can also decide what to receive notifications and emails about. In the User Profile, a user can choose if they would like to get notified about specific conversations, updates, new team members, and more. This allows the user to declutter their email inbox from information that is not useful to them.

In the OneDesk messenger application, you and your team can communicate with each other and link an item that is related to your discussion. You can add individual users, a team, or multiple teams to your conversations.

The messenger centralizes all your communications with both users and customers, and notifies you and your users when there is a new message with visual and audible cues. The messenger also houses archived or closed conversations and allows you to search through all of the conversations you are in to find specific information.