OneDesk’s versatile filter options allow you to customize how your work is displayed. Create and share these views to make sure you see your tickets, tasks, and projects in the most useful ways for the work you are doing.

You can select how you want your information presented. Pick from a hierarchical view, flat view, Gantt view, a Kanban board view, and a calendar view.

Let’s walk through how to create a couple of views.

I would like to create a view of open tickets grouped by the agent they are assigned to.
I’ll go to the tickets app.
Tree view
Filters: state is not started or in progress
Group by assignee
Share (optional)
Show the new view

Now, I want to create a Kanban board to re-prioritize my tasks
Go to tasks app
Cards view
Group by priority
Share (optional)

(Show the new view, drag and drop to re-prioritize)

You can always come back to the view anytime you open the app. If you change the project-level selection, the view updates to only show those things at your selected scope.

If you modify the view by adding/ removing columns, or by sorting, you can save those changes to the view.

Administrators are able to create views and share them with everyone in their company. However, individual users can create unique views visible only to themselves.