OneDesk allows you to create custom fields that let you add additional properties to your tickets, tasks, timesheets, projects, users, customers, and customer organizations. These custom fields allow you to collect specific types of information such as drop-down options, numbers, text, and more. You can even create workflow automations based on custom field property.

For example, let’s create a custom property on a ticket. First, click on the More Applications icon, then the Administration icon. Here, click Tickets and scroll down to Custom Fields. Click Create Custom Field and enter a name for the field. We’ll create a Service Location field, which will allow us to assign tickets automatically based on the service location selected. For type, we’ll select Choice, and in the options section, we can add a few locations such as New York, Ohio, and New Jersey. You can set a default selection if you like. Click Create.

With the custom field created, we can now add it to our ticket creation form. Just below, click on the Ticket Creation Form and select Add Another Property to the Creation Form. Here, pick the custom field we just created, then make the field required by clicking on the checkbox to its right. You can also add this property to a customer-facing ticket form if you want.

Now, when someone creates a ticket in your OneDesk, they will have to select a service location and you can create a workflow automation that automatically assigns the ticket based on the custom field selection.