OneDesk gives you several customer-facing applications that you can put on your website, giving your customers different ways to communicate with you.

These applications are housed in a website widget, which can be customized to reflect your company’s branding or website colors. You can embed the widget on your website or you could also link to the individual apps directly.

The Messenger App is where your customers can start a live chat with you and send you images, attachments, and links.

The Customer Portal is where your customers can log in to view their tickets and tasks, discuss them with you, or submit new ones.

The Webforms app allows you to create up to 30 different customer-facing forms for them to submit new tickets, tasks, or any other type of request that you set up.

The Knowledgebase App allows you to publish articles where your customers can quickly find the answers they need.

Learn more about customer-facing applications in the Getting Started Guide.