In OneDesk, you are able to control the way you interact with and manage your customers.

In the Customer Application, you can manage both customers and customer organizations.

Let’s open up a customer organization’s detail panel by double-clicking on the organization name. From here we can add an email domain or multiple email domains associated with this organization. New customers from this email domain will be automatically added to the correct organization.

You can also choose how to automatically route any tickets or tasks from this customer organization. Assign them to specific agents, teams, projects, SLAs, and more.

You can also share projects with the customer organization. Depending on your settings on the customer apps, this can give customers access to the tickets and tasks in these projects.

Under the customer organization, you can add individual customer accounts. We can also open up a customer’s detail panel. Here, we can edit the customer information, click through to see the items they requested, view their followed projects, and more.

As an administrator, you can access customer settings by clicking on More Applications, then Administration. Here, you can manage your customer types and create and add custom fields to your customer- and customer organization- records.