In OneDesk, your customers are grouped into customer organizations. Customer Organizations represent the companies that your customers belong to. Customer organizations group together all of the customers from a given company, allowing you to interact with them as a whole. While you can still interact with individual customers in those organizations, customer organizations allow you to manage, share, and interact with them as a group.

There are many benefits of having customer organizations:

  • You can filter your work inside OneDesk for any requests from customers within an organization
  • You can create workflow automations and routing options based on customer organization
  • You can share a project at the customer-organization level, allowing you to share quickly with everyone inside of the organization
  • You can add new customers to the organization, which automatically grants them access to the projects shared with that organization
  • You can create a conversation with the customer organization and all individual customers will be notified

You can view your customer organizations by clicking on More Applications then selecting the Customer app. Double-click on a customer organization to open up the customer detail panel.

You are able to add or remove the customers within the organization and add company information as well as custom fields, which you can configure with the click of a button.

Here, you can manage the email domain names associated with that customer organization and manage the projects shared with them. By default, when a new customer is created in your OneDesk, they are added to a customer organization based upon their company email domain. You can turn this off if you want.

You can also create routing options for any incoming requests from this organization to automatically assign, reply, move to a project, and much more.