OneDesk’s customer portal allows your customers to log in and view updates regarding their tickets, tasks, and other requests. While customers will receive updates by email, the portal provides a centralized place for them to view their tickets, submit new ones, and discuss them with you. Allowing your customers to self-serve with the customer portal will help to minimize the questions you receive regarding updates on their requests and more.

As a OneDesk administrator, you can decide what information to share with your customers. To do this, click on the More Applications icon, select Administration, and then navigate to your customer portal. In your portal settings you can decide on the following:

  • If you want to require your customers to log in to be able to see items in the portal.
  • Once they’re in the portal, what they are allowed to see. Is it items requested by anyone in their organization, in projects shared with them, or another option from the dropdown menu?
  • If they can see their unpublished requests.
  • What ticket properties they can see on the portal

You can also associate ticket forms to your portal. For the case where you are linking directly to the portal and not via the widget, this allows you to control the forms the customer can make use of.

OneDesk’s customer portal centralizes customer facing information, and allows you to decide what data you would like to share with your customers.