In OneDesk, you can gather customer feedback and satisfaction scores using customer satisfaction surveys. The scores you collect can be used to determine a customer support agent’s capability, helping team managers make decisions to improve their helpdesk services.

By default, these surveys are sent out to customers within 24 hours of a ticket being marked as closed. The surveys prompt customers to rate their experience positively or negatively and allow customers to be able to submit their opinions of the service they received. The link to these surveys expires after 10 days, giving you plenty of time to salvage a customer’s negative experiences and, hopefully, sway them to change their rating.

The automation that sends these surveys can be found in your email settings. Click on the More Applications icon, then select the cog icon to open Administration settings. From the navigation, click on Emails. Here you can edit the email message that is sent out to your customers.

As your team collects customer feedback, you can view graphs and charts about the data in the Analytics application. To navigate to the Analytics app, click on the More Applications icon then the Analytics icon. In the Analytics application, click on the Chart Series menu and select Customer Satisfaction to view generated graphs and charts about your customer satisfaction ratings. You can always add filter options or project-level select to see more specific data.

You can also create a custom view in the tickets application that shows you the performance of your agents and tallies up their satisfaction rating scores as percentages.