OneDesk lets you have full control over the emails sent out on your behalf. Whether it’s emails sent to your users or to your customers, you decide what emails get sent, to whom, and when.

To control the content of emails that are sent out from your OneDesk, access your email settings by clicking on the More Applications icon, then clicking on Administration. Pick ‘emails’ on the left and select the Messaging Center.

Here, you can view, modify, and delete automated emails and messages sent out by your OneDesk. For example, you can modify the email message sent out to your users when they are first added to your OneDesk. This message template includes dynamic fields, which will populate automatically when the email is sent, saving you time. You can make edits to the email subject line and body and add dynamic properties. If you change your mind and would like to reset the message, click ‘Reset to Default’.

You can also configure email notification settings on a per-user level. To do this, click on the More Applications icon, then select Users. In the user’s detail panel, you can decide what emails are sent to the individual user. You can decide if you want them to be emailed about certain conversations, to receive emails about assignment changes, and more.