In OneDesk, you can create self-serve knowledgebases that contain useful information such as answer to frequently asked questions you receive from your customers. By allowing your customers to self-serve, you minimize the workload of your support team.

While there is a default knowledge base in OneDesk, you can have more than just one. To create a knowledge base, first, click on the More Applications icon, select Administration, then navigate to Customer Apps. Here, click ‘Create Customer App’. In the pop-up, enter a name for your new knowledge base. We are going to make one specifically for Frequently Asked Questions. From the drop-down, select Knowledge Base, then click Create.

Now we need to populate articles into our FAQ knowledge base. To do this, we must first create a category to place the articles into. Articles must be placed within categories, however, you can organize categories into parent categories, allowing you to create as many levels as you need.

To create a category, navigate to the Customer Apps in your administration settings and, from the tabs at the top, select Categories. Click Create New Category. Now, we want to create a category in our FAQs for questions related to pricing. Fill out the details here. You can also add a parent category or add existing articles here. Once you’re done, click ‘Create’.

Now that we have created the category, we can add articles to it before we add it to our knowledge base. This is a knowledgebase article that I have written. To add this to our Pricing Category, click the ‘Published on Portal’ or ‘Not Published’ button. Here, click ‘Published on Knowledgebase’. Then, select the Add Category button and locate the Pricing Category we just created.

With the article added, we can now place the Pricing category into our FAQ knowledgebase. Click on the Frequently Asked Questions knowledgebase under Customer Apps. Under ‘Show Categories & Parent-Categories’, click ‘Add’, then locate the Pricing category we just created.

Click ‘Preview’ at the top to view your new knowledge base and category.

Note, you can change the way your knowledge base looks by clicking on the Appearance tab. Here, you can change the logo, color scheme, and text that appear on your knowledgebase.