OneDesk lets you create links between tickets and tasks. These links allow you to define the relationships between tickets and tasks.

You can also create subtasks, which you can learn more about in our subtasks videos.

To link two items together, first, open up the detail panel of a ticket or task. From the tabs on the top right, select Subtasks and Links. Next to Linked Items, click Add Linked Items. From the drop-down, choose what type of relationship you would like to establish. You can create a link between tickets and tasks and create links with items outside of the project that the main item is in.

The relationship type allows you to specify the way the tasks or tickets are related to each other. In most cases these relationships are directional. For example, if task1 is ‘blocked by’ task2, then task 2 ‘blocks’ task 1.

Predecessor and successor relationships create scheduling dependencies between tasks. You can learn more about this in our other videos.

With the relationship created, you can view the lifecycle statuses of all the linked items from the Subtasks and Links tab. You are also able to click through to the related item from this main one and see that this item is also linked back to the original one we opened.

To remove the link between items, hover over it and click the remove button to its right. Click yes to confirm the unlinking.