Macros are bundles of actions that can be performed on a single or multiple tickets or tasks with just a couple of clicks. Macros allow you take multiple actions on an item, changing everything from its status, to its assignees, or its project. You can even post a message on it. This makes it easy to make repetitive updates to items quickly.

To create a Macro, navigate to the tickets or tasks application. Click Tools and select New Macro. This will open up a new tab with the Macro creation form.

Fill out the form with all the actions you would like to take on an item. If you make a change accidentally, click ‘Reset to Unchanged’ at the top of the field to reset it.

In the bottom right, click Save This Macro, then give your Macro a name that allows you and your team to identify it easily.

To run a macro, select the item or items you want to apply the Macro to. Click Tools and then Saved Macros and locate the macro you just created. Hover over the macro and click the play icon to run the macro. Select Run Now and the changes will take effect.

You can also run the macro on a single item directly from the ticket or task detail panel.

To edit existing macros simply click the pencil icon under the Saved Macros list.