You can merge two or more items in OneDesk to combine the information they contain. Merging items allows you to work on them and to update the customers who requested them from one location. To merge items in OneDesk, first, check the checkboxes next to the items you want to merge. Then, click on the actions menu and hover over More Options. Select Merge Items.

A new pop-up will appear. Here, you are able to decide what changes will be made to the items being merged, such as changes in the lifecycle status, completion percentage, and more. You can also post a message on these items to update followers on the merge.

You also must decide what information to copy forward into the item being merged into, and can send a message to notify all followers about the merge.

Afterwards, the items that were merged are linked to the item you merged them into as duplicates. You can find them on the linked items and subtasks tab.