In OneDesk’s Messaging Center, you can find and control all the emails and messages that are sent to your users and customers.

To access the messaging center, first click on the More Applications icon, select Administration, and click on Emails.

Under Automated Messages, you will find messages that are posted through automations you create or set up. For example, this message is posted to update followers of a ticket about a change in its status. You can click through the automation number to edit the automation that posts this message.

Under Automated Emails, you will be able to create new email templates or view, edit, or delete existing ones. You can also view or disable the automations that are using the existing email templates.

Under System emails, you can find most of OneDesk’s housekeeping emails. For example, the email sent out when a new customer is created. These emails are NOT controlled by workflow automations, and can be edited, enabled, or disabled from the email settings.