In OneDesk’s Messenger, all incoming communications from your customers and team members are centralized, whether from email, live chat, or posts on articles and tickets. The OneDesk Messenger app keeps conversations organized, allowing you to view current and past conversations and to identify which ones you’re involved in.

The OneDesk Messenger icon will add a green circle that identifies the number of messages you have yet to read. This gives you an idea of how many conversations have new messages.

Inside of the Messenger application, you can link a conversation to a ticket or a task or create a new ticket or task from the conversation. To do this, simply click on the action menu in the top right-hand side of the conversation and select from the drop-down what action you wish to take.

You can easily add customers, customer organizations, users, and teams to your conversations by clicking on the add button. If the conversation is attached to a ticket, all ticket followers are also following the conversation.

You can also search through all of your conversations with the search tool in the top right, allowing you to find the conversations you want.

As an administrator, you can remove access to customer-facing conversations from some or all of your users in the detail panel. That way, their Messenger only displays the communications they’re supposed to be seeing.