In OneDesk, we support both the traditional and Agile approaches to project management. Here are some of OneDesk’s features that are designed to help you manage your projects using the Agile methodology.

Agile points are a quick estimation of effort. Each organization will have its own scale, but a 5-point scale is common.

You can set the number agile points on a task. Simply double-click on a task to open up the detail panel and add the appropriate agile points you’d like to assign to that task.

You should also set the agile points capacity on the project itself. This is the planned amount of effort you would like to accomplish in this iteration or sprint. Open up the project detail panel by double-clicking on the project name then add the number of planned agile points for this project.

As you add tasks to the project, you can see if you are approaching or exceeding the points capacity of the project.

OneDesk combines both Traditional and agile project management. You can easily switch between a hierarchical view or a Kanban board view with the click of a button.

Use the tree view to visualize the structure and organization of your work. Use OneDesk’s Kanban board view to create custom work views that allow you to easily manage tasks and assignments. Check the status of your tasks and change their statuses by dragging them into different columns. You can customize what status columns you see.

You can also use the assignee board to easily manage the workload balance of your team. Drag to reassign tasks to those who have less than others and quickly balance the work distribution.

OneDesk also has burndown and velocity charts that you can use to assess your project health. Use burndown charts to see the amount of work left to complete within a project. Use velocity charts to compare how much work you got done in one project sprint versus another. Velocity charts can help you assess improvements in work efficiency.