In OneDesk, you can use Project Portfolio Management to organize your projects. You can place your projects under portfolios and place portfolios within portfolios, allowing you to add multiple levels of hierarchy within your organizational structure. You can also select to view the scope of a portfolio, allowing you to filter down to the data you want to see.

To create a portfolio, click the Add button at the top and select the portfolio type you want to create. In this case, we will create a Marketing portfolio. We can add one or more parent portfolios, and in this case, I will select a customer organization, which I will create marketing material for. When you’re ready, click the Create button at the bottom.

In the Projects Application, you will be able to find the new portfolio you created. If you click on the action menu next to the portfolio name, you can insert a project directly into your portfolio from here or drag and drop to rearrange.

Note that Portfolios only contain projects or other portfolios and cannot contain tasks directly. If you want to place miscellaneous tasks into a portfolio you will need to create a project to hold them.