In OneDesk, you share data with users at the project-level, allowing you to control which users get access to what projects and what roles they will have inside that project. For example, one user could be project manager in one project, a standard member in another, and have no access to a third.

It is important to also understand the distinction between project roles and application access. The application access controls allow users to access the different applications inside OneDesk. These are discussed in another video.

You can assign project roles in the Users application. Click on More Applications then select the Users application. Here, you can double-click on a user to open up their detail panel or dock their detail panel on the right.

For every team that a user is in, you can decide which role they will have. This way, when you assign a team to a project, their roles are already set. You can assign an individual as Project Manager, Project Lead, Standard Member, or Restricted Member.

Project Managers have full access to all data and permissions in the project. They are also able to add or remove other members and change their project roles.

Project Leads also have full access to all data and permissions, however, they are NOT able to add or remove members or adjust project roles.

Standard Members are able to access all data within the project but can only modify tickets and tasks that were created by them or assigned to them.

Restricted members have access to all data within the project but cannot modify any data. They are, however, able to participate in discussions on tasks and tickets in the project.