OneDesk’s Saved Replies allow you to store pre-written responses to use in conversations. These saved replies can have dynamic properties which, when the reply is used, will populate automatically with information pulled from the ticket. Dynamic properties can save your support team time they would otherwise spend looking for and typing out details, numbers, names, knowledgebase articles, and more.

Let’s create a new Saved Reply that answers a common question we might get about resetting passwords. To do that, first, click on ‘Tools’, then select ‘New Reply’. In the conversation text box, type out a sample reply. As you’re writing out the reply, click ‘Insert Property’ at the top right and select any dynamic properties you wish to include in your text. These properties will populate automatically when you use the reply. Once you’re finished, click ‘Save This Reply’ at the bottom to save the reply. Give it a name and click ‘Save’.

Now that our reply is created, we can use it in our conversations. This is a customer-facing conversation in a ticket where a customer is requesting help resetting his password. To use the Saved Reply, click on the action menu in the top right corner and search for, or find, the Saved Reply we just created. Hover over the name and click the Play button to run the saved reply. You’ll see that the dynamic properties automatically populate.

You can then modify the reply if necessary and send it.

You can also automate sending saved replies, through workflow automations, allowing you to send these responses based on keywords or other triggers. You can also quickly send replies to multiple tickets or tasks by using macros.