In OneDesk, you can schedule and reschedule your tasks by using Gantt charts, calendars, and more.

In the tasks application, double-click on the ID number assigned to a task to open up the task detail panel. Here, click on the date set next to Planned Schedule and you’ll be able to allocate effort for this task as days or hours, plan a cost, plan dates for this task to be accomplished within, and set constraints on the schedule.

In the Calendar view, you can also adjust start and end dates by clicking and dragging each side and change the planned dates for the task by clicking and dragging the bar around.

In the Gantt view within the Tasks application, you can see visually the scheduled dates for all your tasks. By clicking and dragging the ends, you can change the start and end dates for a planned schedule. You can also click and drag the entire bar to change the planned duration, moving the schedule to a different set of dates, or create a link.

You can use the Smart Scheduling tool, accessible from within the Gantt view in the Tasks Application or from the Projects Application, in the Actions menu. The Smart Scheduling tool will help to optimize the work schedules you’ve set for tasks within a project, to ensure your project schedule is as concise and efficient as can be. Simply select the project whose tasks you wish to reschedule, check the boxes to remove constraints or change project start dates, then click Reschedule. OneDesk will optimize your project’s schedule for you.