You can share tickets, tasks and other items with your customers in 3 ways: either by sharing an entire project, by only sharing the items they are following, or a combination of both.

You share a project with a customer or customer organization by adding them as followers. This allows your customers to view and collaborate on their requested tickets or tasks in the customer application. This also depends on the settings you configured on your customer app.

To configure the settings on your customer apps, first click on More Applications, select the Administration icon, then click on the Portal you want to configure. Here, you are able to determine what your customers can view from the projects that you’ve shared with them.

You can select if they are able to see only their requested items, items requested by those in their organization, and more. You are also able to determine what features and properties are displayed on the tickets or tasks that your customers are able to view. Simply check and uncheck to determine the visibility of these features and properties.