In OneDesk, you can create subtasks for your tickets and tasks. This is useful for breaking down the work that derives from a ticket or for breaking down complex tasks into manageable smaller tasks.

Subtasks are fully-fledged tasks, which can be independently managed, moved, assigned, scheduled, and more. You can assign individual users to the subtasks you create, allowing multiple users to collaborate and to complete a single task.

To create a subtask, first open up the detail panel of the main ticket or task you would like to create subtasks for. In the top right, click on the Subtasks & Links tab. From here you can link a subtask or create a new one.

Click New Subtask and fill out the information in the creation form. Then click Create. In the parent item, you can find this new subtask identified under Subtasks and Links. You can view the subtask status and percentage of completion, assignees, unlink the subtask from the parent item, or navigate to the subtask from this tab. The status bar at the top rolls up the status of all subtasks.

In the subtasks’s detail panel, the parent item is identified under the Subtasks & Links tab. You can only have one level of subtasks. In other words, subtasks cannot have their own subtasks.

Since subtasks can be assigned, moved and worked-on independently, this gives you the flexibility to manage your work the way you want. Subtasks can be of any item type and have this indicator on their icon to identify them as subtasks.