OneDesk allows you to better manage and communicate with your users and customers with many helpful features.

A user is someone in your company who has access to the main OneDesk account such as agents, team members, managers and more. Users have access to OneDesk’s applications and can create projects and view project data.

Customers are those end-users for whom you are resolving tickets, or working on tasks and projects. Your customers do not have access to your internal OneDesk applications, only to the customer-facing applications you give them access to and can communicate via email and live chat

You can easily manage your users and teams by assigning team roles. A user can be in multiple teams at once and can have different roles in each one. You can control the access levels and permissions of your users, ensuring they can only perform the actions you permit them to. Set notification settings on an individual user level to make sure your users are being notified about what’s most important to them.

Manage your customers and customer organizations in the customer app. You can add custom fields to customers and customer organizations, to add the information you need. Create routing options for incoming tickets from a customer organization to automatically assign, reply-to and classify them. Share your projects with customers and communicate with them with customer-facing communications.

Learn all about managing and communicating with users and customers in the Getting Started Guide.