Webforms are customer request submission forms that allow your customers to submit any ticket or task type that you allow them to. These webforms can be embedded on individual web pages, in the Webforms app, or on your customer portal.

To create a new webform, click on the More Applications icon, navigate to your Administration settings, then select Webforms. At the top, you can decide if customers need to be logged in to be able to submit new items to you or allow anonymous visitors to send file attachments with their requests.

From the drop-down, you will find all of your enabled ticket and task types, for which you can create a webform. Select a type of ticket or task then click Create Webform.

In the webform configuration section, you can decide if you want the webform to be accessible from a customer portal, and you can change the title and subtitle of the webform. At the bottom you can add other properties to the form, create custom fields, make certain fields required, and more.

At the top of the configuration section, you will find a preview button. Clicking it allows you to see how the webform would look to your customers.