In OneDesk, the website widget lets your customers easily access any of the customer applications you want. This widget sits in the corner of your website and opens up with a click. You can place all or some of your customer facing-applications in this widget and brand it to match your website color scheme or company branding.

To customize your web widget, click the More Applications icon, select Administration, and navigate to your Customer Apps. From the tabs at the top, pick ‘Website Widget’. On this page, you can decide if the widget, when minimized, appears as a small or big bubble. You can see the preview next to your selection.

If you choose to have a big widget bubble, you can select the avatar image as well. Select any one of your customer support users and their profile image will be added as the avatar image.

Down below, you can generate the JavaScript code snippet that allows you to place the widget onto your website. You can view the instructions on how to put the widget on your website by clicking on the ‘Send Instructions by Email’ button.

To change how your widget looks, click on the Appearance tab at the top. Here, you are able to change the logo and colors of the widget.

To preview how the widget looks on a sample webpage, click preview. Here, you can see the widget we customized with the color changes we made.