OneDesk allows you to create and use workflow automations to help you reduce the time you spend doing repetitive tasks and to immediately take action, even when you are offline. You can create workflow automations that can reply to tickets, update tasks, send messages to users and customers, change statuses, assignments, and much more.

You create workflow automations for tickets or tasks in their respective panel inside the Administration App. Click on More Applications in the bottom left, select Administration, then pick either the Tickets or Tasks application. Scroll down to the workflow automation section. Here, you can create, edit, enable, disable, or delete workflow automations.

Let’s create a new automation that assigns incoming tickets. First, click Create a Workflow Automation.

Every workflow automation rule consists of 3 parts.

The first part is a filter that defines the item or items on which this automation will run. We want this workflow automation to apply to tickets of any type, so we pick ‘any ticket type’ from the drop-down.

The second part is the trigger event that will cause the action to be performed. We will select ‘item is created’, because we want this automation to run on newly created tickets.

The third part defines one or more actions that OneDesk will take. For the action, we will add an assignee and select three individual users.

Now that we’ve set up the three parts of the automation, we can save it and the automation will go into effect.

Now whenever a new ticket is created, it will be assigned in turn to the users we selected, one after another.