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OneDesk allows you to add multiple domains for Customer Organizations. The way that you can do this is by going to customer tab here on the left side and then selecting the Customer Organization that you would like to add multiple domains to—so, for example, if the company that I want to add more domains to is test company A,  I can simply click on the three dots and click View Organization Details and the way that I do this is by going to Email Domains. Now I would assume that Test company A has the email testcompanyA.com and I can add that but I also have the ability to add extra ones. So, how I can do this is by simply just clicking the add, say that the next one is just testcompany.com, I can add this one as well and now I have two email domains. So, this means that anytime somebody with the email testcompany.com or testcompanyA.com sends an email to create a ticket or they register with the customer portal they will be automatically placed into this specific organization. Then you can decide if you would like to filter your tickets to view only the tickets from one customer organization or one specific customer with this domain. So, all you would need to do that is to go to your Custom Views and then create a custom view by adding a filter saying that the Requester’s Organization is or the Requester’s Email Contains and it would be for example @testcompany. This is how you can filter out views for specific email domains or specific customer organizations.