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OneDesk allows you to create Workflow Automations for your Customer Organizations so that every time a customer with the same domain sends an email to create a ticket they’ll be grouped into the same customer organization. The way that you can do that is by going to the Customer tab on OneDesk, hovering over to your customer organization, clicking on the three dots and click View Organization Details and then they’re here where it says Email Domains, you would simply have to add the email domain. So, for this company, we would assume that it would be 123company.com and you can add multiple email domains if necessary and then from here you can now route new items from this customer organization. So this means that when tickets come in from somebody with the email @123.com, it’ll be placed accordingly depending on what your routing action is. For example, if I would like to change the project every time that this customer organization sends in a ticket all I would have to do is click on Actions that are Taken and click on Change Project and then I could select which project I would like to place it in. I would like it to be placed in Sample Release and then all I would have to do is click on save. If you would like to change this later on, for this specific customer organization or add additional routing actions all you would have to do is either clear the filter or add an additional one by just clicking on the plus sign.