Updated Video


OneDesk comes with a built in chat widget, which you can put on your website to talk in real time with your visitors. To see how that looks, click your name and click preview customer apps.

I have it open in another browser and I’m logged in as a customer so I can show you a bit of the flow. Here’s the widget and here’s the greeting: “Hi, how can I help?” We’ve also configured a few things such as a logo, slogan, background, image. I’m going to type my message and click send

Back in the main app. I just received a notification. You can see I have a green bubble saying I have an unread message. I’ll click on that. There you go. There’s my message from customer to I can type my reply and they’ll get that message.

Here at the bottom. You’ll see that my live support is online. I can change that by clicking this button here. This will turn live support off from my entire company. That means when my customer discusses things now, they’ll receive offline messages and things like that. I’m going to show you how to configure those options.

Under administration, click customer apps. Scroll down to bubble. Here you can see that you can change the way the bubble looks at the bottom. It could be with a greeter and a small message or it could be just a an icon in a circle.

You can add or remove up to three greeters here.

If you click the messenger page, here you can define some options for the messenger. As I showed you before we changed our page title or description or background image. We can also add the greeters and give the greeting: “Hi, how can I help?” When you’re online and offline, message like ‘We’re not here”. When the customer types in a message, when you’re offline and the bot replies, the bot will reply with this message.

You can also configure bot by clicking here and changing the bot avatar image and name.

Going back to the customer apps and refreshing. Let’s try typing in a message, when offline. The bot is replying now, and he replied with our message. However, you may have heard the ping come in. Back in the main app, even though we’re offline, it didn’t stop us from getting the message.

Click here and you can see in fact that we did get the message. So even if we’re offline, we can still reply or it’ll still be there unread in the morning and we can type our reply and the customer will get it by email.

Do you have any questions? Don’t hesitate to click our own chat icon and ask us. Thanks.