Updated Video


This video will show you how to enable OpenID Connect and integrate it with your OneDesk customer apps. Doing this will provide single sign-on for your customers so that they will automatically be logged into your OneDesk customer apps such as your live chat, such as your customer portal, and any of the other OneDesk customer apps that you’ve enabled.

So after this, when your customers are authenticated in your main system, they’ll automatically be authenticated in your OneDesk customer apps and be able to chat with you, or submit things, or discuss things on the customer portal with you without requiring a login or a second set of credentials.

You set it up by going to administration > integrations and choosing the ‘single sign on’ tab. You can see we have single sign on for users and for customers. This video is going to cover single sign on for customers.

First you enable it, you can see we use OpenID Connect, expand that, and add a ‘new open ID connect client record’. Basically you need to be able to fill in this form correctly to enable, this single sign on for customers. And for the purposes of this demo, I’m going to show you how to do that using Azure, but you can also use any identity provider that supports Open ID Connect.

Let us know if you have any questions by just clicking on the chat icon that’s found in the bottom right corner of the app. Thanks.