OneDesk comes with a Slack integration included, which allows you to connect your Slack app to OneDesk so that you can easily create OneDesk tickets and tasks directly from your Slack channels. Here’s how you can set it up.

Click on administration and select the integrations page. Scroll down until you find Slack and expand that. You can read a bit about the description here, and when you’re ready, click the ‘connect’ button.

You’ll be presented with the Slack indication popup. Enter your credentials and click ‘sign in’.

Now that you’re signed in, you need to grant permissions to OneDesk. Click the allow button. You’ll be presented with an integration successful screen. Now you can see that you’re connected to your workspace.

Back inside Slack, you can now create a slash command. Type slash task new task name and send it. You can see that OneDesk replies that the new task name item was created successfully. You can do the same thing for tickets and you’ll receive a similar response.

Back inside OneDesk you can see that in fact, the new task was created and so was the new ticket.

So that’s how you can integrate Slack with your OneDesk account and make it easy to create tickets and tasks directly from your Slack channels. Thanks.