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When it’s time to record the work you’ve done on a task or ticket, you can create a time sheet or start/stop a work timer.

First, make sure the details of the task or ticket are showing. If you have enough room, you can dock those details on the right. Here you’ll see the “start timer” button. Click that and OneDesk will start recording the time you’re spending on the task. The task will start ticking away. You can pause the timer to take a break, and when you’re done, click stop. OnDdesk will then pop up the, “Create Time Sheet” form, and you can just finish completing it by changing the percent complete and clicking submit. This creates a time sheet on the task and updates the work that’s been performed, the number of time sheets and the percent complete.

As well, you can start and stop of timer directly from the OneDesk mobile app. Simply tap start, tap stop, and you’ll automatically record the work you’ve spent on a particular task.

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