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OneDesk provides you with three customer-facing apps that you can put on your website and start interacting with your customers and website visitors. You can preview those apps by clicking your name > ‘preview customer apps’. This will open your customer apps widget in a new browser tab. This widget can be maximized by clicking on the icon and you can enlarge or shrink it with this icon here as well.

The messenger application allows you to chat in real time with your customers, be informed when they post new chats, and capture those chats as new tickets in your account. The customer portal provides an interface for your customers to track their tickets. Here they can update themselves on the status, they can add comments, and more.

The ‘submit new’ tab provides a form for your customers to submit new tickets. You could in fact, put up to 20 different forms on your website. To configure the portal, go back to your main OneDesk application, click administration and select ‘customer apps’. Here, you can enable and disable any of the three customer apps: the messenger, customer portal or web forms. You can also change the colors, and you can change the text and language that is found on your portal.

You can click ‘generate snippet’ and this provides you with the JavaScript that you need to put the portal on your website.

The messenger tab allows you to configure some settings for the messenger. Write an online and offline message here.

The customer portal tab allows you to determine what tickets your visitors will see, whether they required to login, and what other features are available on the portal.

The web forms tab allows you to create up to 20 different kinds of forms and configure what’s on those forms.

If you’d like to get started, go over to customer apps, click generate snippet and put the snippet on your website to start interacting with your customers now.