Updated Video


OneDesk comes with a built in customer portal. You can provide this to your customers to allow them to create new tickets, track their tickets, and discuss them with you. You can see your customer portal by clicking on your name, preview customer apps. This will open a new browser tab with a sample website, Here, you can see the widget embedded into that website. And the second tab in that widget is the portal. Here, your customers will see a list of their tickets. They can click to view details and they can discuss them with you. They can even submit new ones by clicking new.

Lots of things are configurable, both in the widget and the customer portal. Here’s how it’s done. Go back to the main app, click the administration and click customer apps. Here. You can decide if you’d like to remove some of these apps from the widget, just turn on and off these different switches here. You can modify the colors. You can modify the language and the text, and here’s how you can put it on your website. Further down, you’ll see pages specific for the individual customer apps. On the customer portal page, you can determine whether the customers need to log in to see their stuff. In which case you can then determine what they can see, on the items requested by themselves, on the items requested by themselves or by others in their company, items and projects they’re following. You’ve decided to add them to projects. You can permit them to see the items in specific projects or some combinations of those. Further down, there are some other options such as do you allow the customer to register themselves or do you need to invite them? Can they follow items and to see the status of items? And here you can determine what filters appear on the side panel. If you have any questions about putting the customer portal on your website or about how to configure it, don’t hesitate to reach out and chat with us.