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Items are the tickets, tasks and other types of things that you manage in OneDesk. Here, you can see them in the tasks application, my items are my tasks. In the tickets application, my items are my tickets. It can be grouped into projects as you see here, and I can create a new one by clicking add and selecting the type I’d like to create. So if I’d like to create a new ticket, give it a name and create it. It appears in my list.

You can have up to 30 different types of items in your OneDesk account. Here’s how you can figure those. Click administration and select the type of application you’d like to add a type to. For example, in my tickets application, I have one type, just the generic ticket. If I would like to add some more, I show hidden types and I can turn on some other types of tickets. For each of those, I can give it a name, I can change it’s icon, and importantly, I can manage the statuses of it so I can modify the colors, modify the various different statuses that we’ll go through and choose a default. Now, when I click add, you’ll see that there’s some additional types I can create here. It’s worth noting that each of these types, that you’ve turned on has a dedicated email address for it so that you can receive these items of these types directly by email.