Updated Video


As you or your team work on tasks and tickets, you’ll log your work by creating time sheets or starting and stopping work timers. The end result will be time entries, which you can find under the time sheets application.

Here you can see the time sheets and you can arrange them in different views. For example, you can look at them as a tree view where you’ll see each time sheet under the task that it was associated with. You can also look at a flat view where you’ll just see the time sheets, and there are a variety of other views you can create. We have other videos explaining how to do that.

You can view the time sheets details by clicking on “time sheet details” from the action menu and here you can see that we have certain properties on the time sheet. You can modify the user, you can change the work, the dates, the completion and the billing type.

You may want to configure your time sheets somewhat. We have a few options to let you that. Go under ‘administration > applications > time sheets’. Here, you can decide what is going to show on your time sheets detail panel. If you have an approval process, you’ll want to put it there. If you’d like to see the requester for those who requested this work be done, such as your customers, you can turn that on here. If most of your work is billable, you can make it the default setting for billable, or if not, you can send it to non-billable. This will save a click when your team creates timesheets. You can also set the approval status as approved or not approved yet. Now when someone creates a time sheet, you can see here on the detail panel more properties are available. Thank you.