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In OneDesk, your users have permissions both at the company level and for individual projects. To see their company-level permissions, select the user application, show the details of the user, and if you have enough room you can even dock the details on the side. Scroll down the user details and you’ll see a section called Company Permissions.

Here, you can see that
– You can make the user administrator
– You can give them access to all applications but not the administration privileges
– You can give them access to the tickets application only or the task application only.

You can also allow your users to manage projects, customers, publish feedback to the customer portal, manage teams, or macros. We recommend that you give them the highest level permission that you feel comfortable with.

To see the user’s permission on a project, select the project list and as you can see, I have the details docked for this particular project. Scroll down a project list and you’ll see the members of the project, and beside those members you’ll see a little tag that identifies their role in that project. If you click the little arrow next to their icon, you can see the list of options to change their role. You can also remove their membership here.

– ‘Project manager’ is the highest level of permission and it gives them full access to everything in the project, but it also allows them to add more users to the project.
– ‘Project lead’ allows them to see and modify everything in the project. However, they cannot add new members to the project.
– ‘Standard member’ allows users to modify things that are assigned to them or created by them.
– ‘Restricted member’ prevents the user from modifying anything; however, they can still make comments.

So choose the role that best suits the user’s needs, but we recommend that you give them the highest level of permission that you are comfortable with.