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On OneDesk you can organize your users into teams. The way that you can do this is by clicking on more applications and click on the user tab here. Once here, you can then view all the different teams and users that I’ve organized. You can view the detail panel on each individual team or each individual user by clicking on the three dots and click View Details. From here I’m looking at the customer support team and I see who my members are and which projects that there are currently shared with this team. At the moment it says 0 projects are shared with Customer Support so if I would like to share more projects with them I just have to click on Manage Projects and then add or remove them from the project that I select and then once that is done, I click on Update. So, say that I would like to share the Mobile Application Project with them, I would simply have to click Update and now one project is being shared with this team. You can also view the detail panel on individual users themselves and in here it’ll tell you that all of the information about this user, their first name, last name, email, etc.

You can also add this user to multiple teams; so I’ve added Connor Wayne to Customer Support and IT. You’ll be able to do this for any user that you wish, all you would have to do is open up their detail panel and then select which team you would like to add them in. From here you’ll also be able to see what activities that Connor is working on, what items he has currently ongoing or completed, so you could be able to see that all here. As you can see Connor Wayne is in Customer Support and he is also in IT. Now, the reason why this organization matters is because when you’d like to share projects with people, for example when you create a project you will be able to select the team or the individual user. So, once you go here you can select the entire team that you like to share this project with. So, you would have to click on teams or you would select the individuals that you would like to share this with. As you can see here I would like to share it with Fatima and then I’d like to share it with the entire IT team so that’s how this would work. Then once you’re done you click Create Project. You can also do this on individual items — on the individual items themselves you can go ahead and see the followers and now these are the people who are able to view this item. You can add entire teams by just clicking on them and so in this specific item, the IT team has been shared and you can also assign this item to an entire team itself. So, say that I would like to assign this item to the Marketing team now Julian and Rebecca would be the ones who would be working on this item, along with Connor and Fatima.