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In OneDesk, you can configure the different statuses for tickets, tasks, projects, or any item in the OneDesk account. Here, you can see I’m in the tasks application, and here’s some status that are available to me for tasks. I can configure these statuses. Here’s how you do it. Click on administration, choose the application such as tickets, tasks or projects, where you want to modify the statuses. I’m in tickets right now. And you can see, I have two types of tickets, the ticket and the problem. For each of those, I can manage the statuses. I click manage statuses and I can choose the name of the status. I can choose the color of the status, which one’s the default, or I can remove it or add more. Each of these statuses needs to map to a state of not started, in progress and finished. Once you’ve modified, those statuses, they will become available for you for that item type. Because different types can have different sets of statuses. You can create completely different workflows for up to 20 different kinds of items in your Onedesk account.