Website feedback provides valuable insight

Customer feedback is crucial to the success of any business, but too often companies fail to get and use website feedback. Many fail to recognize the integral role that it plays in the product and service development process. Website feedback provides valuable insight regarding the customer website experience and interactions.

Make it painless for customers to submit website feedback

The key to encouraging feedback is to give customers a simple way to communicate with your organization. Too often customers who have unpleasant experiences with your site will not have an easy way to communicate their frustrations. Of course the same goes for positive feedback: It is extremely useful to know specifics about a customer’s experience, as soon as it happens. Feedback is much more valuable when it is received in real-time.

Website Feedback: Managing the good and the bad

Good or bad, you need feedback to take immediate action. Naturally it can be very difficult to accept and manage negative feedback. However, as we all have all experienced, negative feedback can provide the necessary insight to affect positive change throughout your organization. Positive customer feedback is also an important way to reinforce your organization’s actions. Website feedback, such as, compliments and praise can help mobilize resources in support of customer service or product development initiatives.

OneDesk offers customers a simple online feedback form embedded on our site that allows customers to submit negative and positive feedback in the form of questions, ideas, praise or issues related to their online experience. Read more about how to embed a customer portal.

website feedback

In addition, a comprehensive customer feedback management tool allows you to elaborate, manage and act upon website feedback. Explore the customer feedback application and its capabilities further.

Use website feedback to take action

“What really drives customers nuts is when they report a major problem and the company does nothing to correct it. Follow through with immediate corrective action. Customers will no longer provide feedback if you don’t address the problems they identify.” – Carl Tompkins

Listening to your customers, by capturing and elaborating on their feedback is only part of a successful customer feedback management strategy. Taking action on website feedback means incorporating customer suggestions, ideas and concerns into the product development process. In this way feedback can truly make a direct contribution to building and maintaining a competitive edge.

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