Advantages of feedback website

“For every customer complaint, there are 26 other customers who have remained silent.”
–Lee Resources Inc.

For a business to be successful, soliciting feedback is critical. By doing so, your company can:

  • Learn about what customers like and do not like about their product or service.
  • Acquire new ideas for future projects.


But customer feedback can be tough to get. This may be due to the following reasons:

  • Your company is not doing all it can to acquire feedback because they do not have the budget to implement survey software or conduct market research.
  • Customers feel your company is not responsive to their feedback.

That being said, your company should do all it can to make it easy for customers to provide feedback. One of the best ways is to create a feedback website through which customers can express their concerns at any time.

Characteristics of a good feedback website

The challenge of implementing a feedback website, or even just a feedback page on a website, is that needs to be inviting enough for all your customers to want to leave feedback. For example, it personally turns me off when a feedback website looks like this:

feedback website

Why? Because I have no idea where my feedback will go after I enter the verification code (more than once!) and hit submit. There is no indication as to whether the company is listening, nor can I tell whether other customers have already brought up the issue or concern that I have.

I think most of you will agree that a good feedback website:

  • Has a sense of community, where customers can interact with other customers or company employees.
  • Assures customers that their feedback will be considered.
  • Allows companies to survey customers with specific questions.

Improve your feedback website with OneDesk

OneDesk comes with a customer portal that you can activate with just one click and allow your customers to submit feedback directly to your account. To make things easier, you can embed the customer portal in your website so customers know they can submit feedback anytime. The customer portal provides for a “two-way” feedback system; when customers submit feedback, you can start one-on-one conversations with them and get more detail. You can also start a community discussion and get the whole customer base talking about what they want. How you use the customer portal is up to you; you can choose to keep customers updated on their feedback’s status and even create polls to survey them on a specific topic. Try OneDesk today and get your customers talking to you.

feedback website - customer portal

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