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On the OneDesk blog, we deliver and bring you the latest news and eye-catching content related to product innovation, product development and business for project and product professionals looking to gain tips and skills, keep up on trends in the industry and learn something new.

From time to time we like to give a shout to the product community. This week, we decided to curate and publish the top 5 product management posts of the week. We hope you find these articles and blogs insightful, educational, and inspiring.

Here they are:

1. Everything a product manager needs to know about analytics: Quick overview for product managers about the importance of data analytics

2. Organizing product management :Steve Johnson gives us a quick lesson in product management organization.

3. Product Managers Need To Learn To K.I.S.S Their Customers: Do not be misled by the tile- this is not a post about a romance between a product manager and a customer.

4. Best Books for Product Managers and Product Marketers: Catch up on your product management reading.

5. What is product management?: A nice definition and breakdown of product management.


Read something this week that you think would appeal to our readers? Share it below!

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