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Ask for feedback on a continuous basis

Do you regularly ask for feedback from your customers regarding product suggestions, preferences, likes and dislikes? Do you ask for feedback about the customer’s experience? Systematically asking for feedback, carefully analyzing and turning it into actionable insights, allows you to improve the overall customer experience, and develop products that align with customer needs and expectations. Ask for feedback, manage it effectively and watch your customer satisfaction levels rise.

Businesses that achieve best-in-class status consistently ask for feedback and act upon this valuable information about customers. When a business cares enough to ask for feedback it sends a signal to customers that their input is genuinely valued as it becomes an integral part of the product development process.
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Ask for feedback and give your customer a ‘voice’

Most companies use web analytic software that collects and analyzes data about online customer behavior—statistics related to the ‘who, what, and where’ of the customer, but don’t provide data related to why. OneDesk provides the reasoning behind your customer’s actions. The online customer feedback surveys are practical tools that give your customers a ‘voice’ that is heard throughout your company. The feedback surveys allow you to gather customer suggestions which can be used to develop better products and compliment your current marketing strategies. With OneDesk you have a venue to ask for feedback and your customers have a venue to discuss ideas. This builds customer loyalty, retention and revenues.

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