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What is Requirements Management?

80% of project failures are due to poor requirements management.

That’s scary, right?

Different companies have different ways of defining this process. Good requirements management is essential for those who want to see better business results and take the lead in their industries. But what does it take to implement a good requirements management process?

Requirements management is an important process within project/product management, yet many companies don’t realize that it can help them maximize innovation as well as profit.

This video infographic presents captivating information and stats about requirements management. We hope you enjoy it, and we would love to hear about how your company handles requirements management.

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One Comment

  1. Sanjay Abraham

    Absolutely. Its important that all stakeholders including the customer should be on the same page regarding the ‘requirements’. If not there come numerous change requests which leads to escalated cost…The team just toils but the timelines are never met. The delivery too would not be as per customers satisfaction. Collaboration, sharing and communication are really important for the success…

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