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One of the most common questions we get is “What makes OneDesk unique?” Since OneDesk is a suite of applications, there are several features that are unique to our software. Here are the top ones.

OneDesk’s Most Unique Software Features

Seamless integration
All of OneDesk’s applications are connected, which makes for seamless integration. How? Information flows chronologically, from one application to the next. As they move, every team member and department will work on the same items throughout the whole product or service development process and can watch how each of the items evolve from the ideation to implementation stages. For example, customer ideas can be turned into actionable items with a few click.

Capture feedback and ideas that would otherwise be lost
All the feedback and ideas your organization receives will be gathered into one centralized place, no matter where they come from. Embed the customer portal on your website, have customers input feedback and ideas and immediately receive them in OneDesk. use our email integration features to send feedback you receive by email to OneDesk.

The ability to create items from other items, or link items to one another allows full traceability between ideas, help desk tickets, feedback, requirements issue and tasks. This ensures full coverage, and help maintain a record of decisions made during the course of the development process. This way, everyone will know how all items originated, and why they are working on them.

Microsoft Project with a twist
Work on your Microsoft project files in a collaborative environment and track projects more efficiently. Simply import your MS project files and allow the entire team to work on them together. This way, everyone will work be able on to work the same project at their convenience, and be sure that it is the most updated version.

The ability to collaborate with internal and external team members
One of OneDesk’s most beneficial features is that it allows all team members including internal organization users, external business partners, and customers to work together, share and generate ideas, and deliver winning products or services faster.

Track issues and tasks together
OneDesk’s issues & tasks application allows you to track issues and task together. This allows you to combine agile project management with defect fixes, into a complete project.

OneDesk comes with pre-set workflows, labels and lifecycle statuses but everything is customizable. Change the labels to employ your company’s lexicon and add or remove lifecycle stages.

If you have any questions, or just want to learn more, simply let us know!

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