On Saturday Feb 27th, OneDesk released the February 2021 update to OneDesk with many new features and improvements.

Customize the creation form for each type of item

Now you can customize the internal creation form for every item type. This means that you can have different forms for different types of tickets or different types of tasks. Since each of the 3 top-level types (Ticket, Task, Feature) has up to 10 types underneath, you can have up to 30 different forms.

Option for Administrators to see all projects

Administrators always had the right to join and therefore see any project in their organization. However many admins requested the ability to simply show all projects without having to join them. This is now possible by using the ‘Tools’ menu when inside the Project App. Administrators can simply check the “Show all projects” checkbox inside this menu and all projects in their organization will become visible. Uncheck the box to hide them again.

New ‘seen’ and ’email sent’ indicators for messages

Inside the Messenger app in OneDesk we have added some icon indicators to let you know when various users or customers have seen your message. Since OneDesk sends the message by email if it has not been seen within one minute, we also show you once the emails have been sent.

Hovering over these indicators will tell you who saw the message and who it was emailed to. For customer-facing conversations, the seen indicator will turn green when the customer sees it and grey if only internal users have seen it. Other enhancements coming soon.

Connect to your Microsoft Teams account with a couple of clicks

Our first version of the Microsoft Teams integration has been developed and will be rolled out to selected accounts in early March. This connector will allow you to join your OneDesk and Microsoft accounts with only a couple of clicks. This will allow you to add your users, teams, and company information to OneDesk with just a couple of clicks. Your users will be able to sign on with their Microsoft credentials, and you can add the OneDesk app to your Microsoft Teams UI. We have plans to increase the functionality of this integration, so reach out to us to let us know what you would like to see added here.

Other enhancements

  • German is now available
  • Un-sent messages are retained when switching tabs. However, refreshing your browser will clear any un-sent messages.
  • Generating a report now respects your organization timezone
  • Select Language during quick setup
  • Improve the performance of the linked-item popup

Plus over 100 bug fixes and enhancements.

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