The December release of OneDesk is a big one with a list of significant improvements and new features. It went live on December 10th 2019.

Improvements to Project Sharing

  • More intuitive UI to share projects with Users and customers
  • Ability to see who a project is already shared with in the sharing popup
  • Ability to remove users (unshare a project) directly from the share popup

project sharing

Single Sign On for Users and Customers

  • Ability to enable SSO for customers using OpenID Connect
  • Extended SSO for Users to support OpenID Connect in addition to SAML

single sign on

Improvements to Conversations

  • Support for the @ symbol in the conversation to add a follower
  • Support for the # symbol in a conversation to create a link to an item
  • Ability to Initiate a conversation with a user or customer from the creation menu
  • Ability to see and modify a conversation’s participants from the message composer


Improvements to the customer apps:

  • A new Welcome Page for the messenger in the customer apps widget. This page can include a title, company slogan, background image, online/offline greetings, and the profile pics of selected users.
  • A new “big bubble” option to permit a small online and offline messages, even when the apps are minimized

customer apps

Bot Customization

  • Now you can customize the Bot avatar and name.
  • It is located under: Administration > Company Prefs.

bot settings

Users in Multiple Teams

  • By very popular demand, now your users can be members of multiple teams at once.
  • Do this in the USERS app, on the user profile. Just add multiple teams to the user.

adding teams

Other Improvements

  • Improvements to the context menus
  • Improvements to keyboard controls
  • Performance improvements for loading timesheets
  • Over 200 bug fixes and enhancements

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