Last week we release the latest update to OneDesk. The big feature in this release is the Knowledgebase, and I have written a couple of articles covering it here and here.

We also added a few smaller features which I would like to cover as well:

New Configuration Options for the Customer Portal / Knowledgebase Apps

We continuously add new functionality to the customers portal, and this release introduces the following configuration options so that you can customize your customer-facing apps even more.

  • Hide sorting options – If you do not want your customers to be able to sort the tickets or articles you can turn this off
  • Hide the left panel filter options – If you do not want to display the filtering side-panel you can turn this off too.
  • Show/hide item properties on the item detail page – Now there are dozens of properties that you can choose to display (or hide) from the ticket detail panel.
  • Limit the portal to specified item types – This allows you to make a public portal to show only specific types of items (like knowledge base articles)
  • Multiple portals – Now you can create and configure several portals for your organization, each for a different audience, project, or product. Let us know if you have questions on this.

    Simpler filtering UI

    OneDesk has always had exceptional filtering & grouping to create very flexible customized views. In this release we revamped the interface to make is easier to use. Just select a layout, add filters, add groupings and save.

    filtering ui

    Ability to delete timesheets
    Now you can delete timesheets that were added by accident.

    Ability to add custom fields to the Users Grid
    Custom fields attached to users can be added as columns to the users grid. If you want these columns always on, don’t forget to save your new view.

    Ability to add SLA metrics to the tickets grid
    Now the SLA breach metrics can be displayed as columns in the tickets views.

    New automation trigger: Last updated date changes
    This trigger allows you to take action whenever the item is updated.

    Filter by customer organization as follower
    Now you can filter tickets and other items by the customer organization who is added as a follower.

    Many new Zapier integrations
    Under Administration > Integrations you will find a few more pre-built zapier integrations (zaps). They include:
    Zendesk, trello, FreshBooks, QuickBooks, Twitter, Google Docs, JIRA, Salesforce, VSOL, Office 365, Slack, Github, Freshdesk, Wufoo, Jotform, Asana, Zoho Books, Xero, Everhour, Google Calendar, Hubspot, Toggl, Mailchimp, Outlook, Box, SurveyMonkey, Twilio, Gitlab, Paypal.

    Show the customer organization in the conversation notification email
    Now the customer organization is included in the email (if they are in one).

    Adding status to the global search results
    Now the global search result popup also displays the status of the item or project.

    Extended printing of details
    Printing has been extended to cover the detail panels of projects, timesheets, users and customers

    Performance improvements
    Improved performance for
    – grid-selection time
    – Item detail display time
    – Conversation display time
    – Loading time and reliability for very large number of items
    – Activities display

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