Why OneDesk?

A Complete Solution

Helpdesk, Project and Task Management, Product Management, Ideas Management, Release Roadmaps, etc. are all included in OneDesk. We handle interactions between team members and with customers through email, the customer portal and other channels. In a nutshell, we provide a solution to manage products and projects, release them, support them, and gather feedback from customers.

A Collaborative Solution

Your teams already collaborate across departments by exchanging emails, creating documents, and holding meetings. Reduce the communications overhead and let engineers access support tickets, support people access project plans, product people access customer feedback, and customers access tasks and tickets. It will be much better for your organization’s bottom line!

A Smart Solution

You don’t want your customers’ requests or projects to fall on deaf ears. Or your engineering & manufacturing teams to work on ill-defined products. You don’t want your customer service team to have empty promises for your customers.

Instead you want to gather your customer ideas, feedback, and issues. You want your customer support team to be able to help your customers. You want to have your engineering, production, and services organizations to provide the exact product or service your customer wants – on time. You want well-supported customers that are happy with your products and services. That is a the smart solution that OneDesk offers.

A Versatile Solution

While OneDesk has out-of-the-box applications for helpdesk and project management, it can do so much more. Companies around the world are using OneDesk to streamline their workflows for Consulting & Professional Services, Software and IT, Design & Manufacturing, Business Services, and dozens of other use cases. Since you can create the item-types you need as well as structure & automate their workflows, you can apply OneDesk to almost any use-case. Great collaboration tools like built-in discussions, a mobile app, and integrations with email and popular web-apps, mean that you can connect your people together and get work done.

An Automated Solution

OneDesk’s workflow engine allows you to automate actions based on rules you set up. You can use it for auto-response & notification emails, status updates, assigning tickets and tasks, alerts for tasks not on track, triage, etc. The macro tool lets you bundle together groups of actions and run them on many tickets or tasks at once.

A Fair Solution

OneDesk gives you all this for simple per-user, per-month pricing. You can choose the plan you need based on the number of users you have. Customers are always unlimited.

How much money can you save with OneDesk?