Why OneDesk?

3 solutions for the price of 1

Helpdesk, Project Management, and Product Management are all included in OneDesk, so there is no need to buy multiple software tools and get them to work together.

Connect your teams and streamline your processes

Your teams already collaborate across departments by exchanging emails, creating documents, and holding meetings. Reduce the communications overhead and let engineers access support tickets, support people access project plans, product people access customer feedback, and customers access tasks and tickets.

No need for expensive integration

Since all three applications are included in OneDesk there is no need to spend extra time and money integrating them. If you need a solutions that combines customer support with project or product management, OneDesk is for you.

Automate repetitive tasks and communications

OneDesk’s workflow engine will automate those repetitive tasks that waste time and resources. Auto-response & notification emails, status updates, assignments, and triage can all be done automatically based on rules you set up. The macro tool lets you bundle together groups of actions and run them on many tickets or tasks at once.

Simple reasonable pricing.

OneDesk gives you all this for simple per-user, per-month pricing. You can choose the plan you need based on the number of users you have. Customers are always unlimited and once you get beyond the starter plan, projects are also unlimited.

You can save even more money by selecting to pay annually. You get 12 months for the price of 10.

If OneDesk saves each user 1 hour per week: